Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Party

On March 17, we went to a first birthday party for Caemon Sickler.
 Caemon seemed a little overwhelmed at first.
 I said that it looked like Grandma was wiping her nose on Caemon's sleeve.
They turned him loose on a cupcake - actually, he didn't get too dramatic with it.
Caemon figuring out his new four-wheeler.

Special People

We've gotten to spend some time with some special people recently.
On March 10, we went to Berwick for the Dedication Service of Kiersten Hykes - one of Mom & Dad's "grandchildren."
 Here's Dad holding Kiersten after the service.
A little later, Mom got to hold her.

Here's Mom, Dad, Kiersten, Jon, Valeen (Kiersten's parents), Stacy, & Mark (Kiersten's godparents).

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Anyone There?

I decided to finally put something on here. I know - it has been way too long. I think it's the result of being way too busy!
I was going to try putting some pictures on here but Blogger wasn't cooperating with me, so I guess that's something for me to work on some time.
Hopefully it won't be very long until I get that figured out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stay Tuned

Yeah, I know, I know - it's been way too long since I put anything on here.
But, I do have a lot of pictures and I'll try to put some of them on here within the next week.
So, stay tuned for some pictures of our adventures over the past few months.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Still Alive And Well - Almost!

Contrary to how it may appear here sometimes, I'm still among the living.
The past couple months have been interesting to say the least.
Let's see, there was Revival here at our church with the Cassadys (it was great!), Dad preached a Revival at another local church (He did great - I know, I'm biased - but it's the truth!), there was a week off for IHC (a much needed break and a relaxing, refreshing week), our local library book sale (I stocked up on a few more books, records, and tapes), and the BIG book sale over at Penn State (I REALLY stocked up there!).
Throw into the middle of all of that mix - teaching a Sunday School class every third Sunday, mowing grass (the Church and the neighbor's), working full time, getting a wisdom tooth pulled (that was in the morning, then I went to work - I think a few people thought there was something wrong with me for that!).
Yeah, I've been a little busy. There have been a few bumps in the road, but nothing worth complaining about - it's like someone said, "Life is hard, but God is Good."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Does PC Mean?

One day a young man was out working in a field on the farm where he lived.
He looked up and saw the letters "PC" in the sky. He immediately thought that God was telling him to "Preach Christ," so he went off to Bible School.
After he had been there for a little while, it became obvious that he "didn't have it" so the school president called him in to his office. He asked the young man why he felt that he should be a preacher, so the young man told him the story of seeing the letters "PC" in the sky.
The school president, with great wisdom, told him that maybe the letters "PC" meant "Plant Corn."
That young man went back home to work on the farm and, with the money that he made there, became a great blessing to preachers and missionaries around the world.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Here I Am!

Yes, I am still alive and well - though I feel like it's barely sometimes!
We just got back this past Wednesday (the 2nd) from our annual trip to Florida for our church camp down there. Camp was great - God really helped a lot of people, me included. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. We had a good time sightseeing for a couple days. The flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Wednesday went good, with the exception of a stress-causing email. The flight from Atlanta to Harrisburg was another story. The story of that flight includes some rather unpleasant details that I don't want to put on here and I really don't think you want to read on here.
All in all it was a good trip and we're getting settled back into our normal routines here.

Friday, December 24, 2010


What Is Christmas?

Is it bright lights on a tree
All strung so carefully with care
Causing children to squeal with glee
While others just stop and stare?

Is it parties that seemingly never end
Lasting long into the night
As we visit with family and friends
Even until morning light?

Is it people singing pretty songs
That lift our eyes above
This world and its wrongs
And fill our hearts with love?

Is it pretty paper and bows
Wrapping toys and other gifts so nice
Found up and down each row
and bought at such a high price?

Is it cards stamped and signed
Each with a message and our name
Sent to every name that we find
As who to send to becomes a game?

All of these things are fine
And may even have their place
To each of these there may be a time
As we go through life's race

But Christmas is really about a child
Born in a stable so very long ago
To a mother that was tender and mild
Who laid Him in a manger so low

But in that manger He did not stay
He went out and faced the world's strife
He lay down on top of a hill one day
And upon a Cross He gave His life

He was buried and rose again
To purchase eternal life for one and all
So that we can live a life without end
And make atonement for Adam's fall

So, Christmas is about One who was born
And now to His Father He does pray
For us when we feel so forlorn
That we may live with Him some glorious day
May we all remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.